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Compilations featuring tracks by Nicola Schultz

Compilations featuring tracks by Nicola Schultz






Art Groupie III (2012)









From 6-16 Sept. 2012, Art Groupie III, “an exhibition of visual art by musicians,” was at District 01 Gallery in Sydney (Darlinghurst). Nicola exhibited one photograph: Coming Home and contributed the song Dance of Life from Soundtracks for Carparks.











  1. Vibra Giut- Bikkee Boyy
  2. Mundanity- Thomas Rawle
  3. Old Love Song – Peta Morris
  4. (The World’s Going To Shit But I’m Gonna) Save It – Mick Turner
  5. Drawing Straws- Dutch Decay
  6. Dance of Life– Nicola Schultz
  7. No Woman’s Land – Sydonia
  8. Kind Cobra – Cherry2000
  9. When It Comes Down- Atticus
  10. Please Allow Me- The Continental Blues Party
  11. Antisocial Tendencies- Dog Trumpet
  12. Hope You’re Doin’ Fine- Dub Dentist
  13. Darling- Chris Yates
  14. Full Stop Blue – Ollo
  15. Around The Corner Yesterday Disappeared – Ens
  16. De Ja Vu – Mysterio Feat. Liz
  17. Guitar Ahgetfa – Meem

ArtGroupie produced by Georgie Zuzak and Paris Pompor










CD – da dAdA DA0212AG9 – hand-decorated cardboard sleeve – 2012  (Australia)


Art Groupie II CDs (2008)










From Sept. 23-28, 2008, Art Groupie II, “an exhibition of visual art by musicians,” was at the Tap Gallery in Sydney (Darlinghurst), NSW, Australia. Nicola exhibited three photographs: Furs and Feathers, I’ve Got Wings, and On Denim. Steve Kilbey performed with Martin Kennedy at the launch party on Sept. 26, playing five songs from their “Unseen Music, Unheard Words” collaboration. Joining them on stage were Ricky Rene Maymi (guitar), Scott Von Ryper (guitar), Tim Powles (drums & percussion) and William Bowden (radiotronics).

A pair of CDs was given away to attendees at the launch party, containing tracks by participating artists. See below for details.










CD One:

  1. Residue(2:27) – Amanda Stewart
  2. Vibraphone Theory II(2:12) – Amanda Cole
  3. That Sound(3:24) – Ollo
  4. The Plot Thickens(6:29) – Peret Mako
  5. Drop Down Angels(4:06) – iOTA
  6. Shih(3:54) – Nicola Schultz
  7. Wolfe(2:29) – Steve Kilbey
  8. Persist(3:39) – All India Radio
  9. Maps In The Sky(4:02) – Night Radio
  10. Lovers Home(2:56) – Melanie Horsnell
  11. Yumi And The Sky(3:50) – Zeal
  12. Nothing Is What It Seems(2:50) – Heidi Elva
  13. Neither Here Nor There(5:29) – Mick Turner

CD Two:

  1. Hick Up To ‘Ere(4:42) – The Hoo-Haas
  2. Heroes Aren’t Everything(3:18) – Caroline Kennedy-McCracken
  3. Car Of Idiots(3:55) – Gustoclout
  4. I’m Psyched(3:21) – Ben Ely’s Radio 5
  5. Nancy Boy(3:03) – Danger Of Death
  6. Feel Like A Man(3:25) – Cherry2000
  7. Everything Is Green Except The Way I Feel(5:04) – Telafonica
  8. Refused Morning(5:31) – Justin Cooper
  9. The Dark Side(5:51) – The Dub Dentist
  10. Monkey(2:46) – Deprogram
  11. Smothered Love(2:41) – Toydeath
  12. The Information Booth(5:04) – Kristofir
  13. Train Noise(Ghost Train Remix by Mothloop) (3:44) – Don Meers
  14. Submariner(7:56) – Forenzics
  15. Passing Signs(7:18) – Volume=Colour

ArtGroupie produced by Georgie Zuzak and Paris Pompor

2CD – da dAdA da0289 – hand-decorated cardboard sleeves – Sept. 26, 2008 (Australia)


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