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Compilations featuring tracks by Swirl

Compilations featuring tracks by Swirl






Still In A Dream (2016)

1988-1995 A Story of Shoegaze










Swirl – The Last Unicorn is Track 12 on Disc 5

5 CD release – Cherry Red Records CRCDBOX25  2016 (UK)


Blackrock Soundtrack (1997)











  1. The Way of All Things – Rebecca’s Empire
  2. Teach Me – The Cruel Sea
  3. Saturated – Beasts of Bourbon
  4. Portable Walt Whitman – Ben Lee
  5. Gonna Make You – Tumbleweed
  6. Titanic Days – Sidewinder
  7. A Day Away – Shihad
  8. Bound for the Floor – Local H
  9. Ghost of Love Returned – Clouds
  10. Not Coming Home – Sidewinder
  11. No Need to Argue – The Cranberries
  12. Tailor’s Eye – Swirl
  13. Kisses – Tracy Bonham
  14. State of Graceful Mourning – Died Pretty
  15. Blackrock Antitheme- Steve Kilbey

CD release – Mercury Records 5535392 1997 (Australia)


Heard It Through The Bovine (1996)











  1. Sneeze: There He Is
  2. Sidewinder: Weight To Lean On
  3. Fragile: GhettoBlaster and COnvertible
  4. Spdfgh: Wikky’s Ode (candy mix)
  5. Smudge: Lady, Let’s Not Stop The Groove
  6. The Daisygrinders: No Change Otto
  7. Swirl: The Heart Thing
  8. Glovebox: Hat
  9. Rob St.Clare: Slow Slide Down
  10. 10: Pip Proud: Purple Boy Gang
  11. Godstar: Speak Memory Speak
  12. Sidewinder: Anything You Want
  13. The Daisygrinders: The Power of a 12
  14. Smudge: Skateboard Trickery
  15. Liz Payne & Spdfgh: Hide
  16. Godstar: Fly Me To The Moon
  17. Fragile: Time Wounds All Heels
  18. Swirl: Yesterday Blue
  19. Sneeze : Winter Won Out (live)
  20. Pip Proud: A Bird In The Engine
  21. Chewee: Lucky Luke’s Theme

CD release – Half A Cow Records Promoo12 (P) (C) Half A Cow Records/Mercury Records 1996 (Australia)


Sneeze: Sneeze (1995)










41 Tracks

(Track 9. Back Down Ben: guitar, backing vocals David: drums, Nicola: vocals, bass)

Produced by Michael Levis, Tod Ersatz & Desmond Heffrey

Engineered by Michael Levis except track 9 by Colin Wright and occasionally John Rafferty

Recorded at Troy Horse Studio (old and new) in Newtown between August 1991 and April 1993.

CD release – Half A Cow Records HAC50 1995 (Australia)


Half-A-Cow 7″ Promotional Vinyl (1992)









Side A

Calling Occupants – Swirl

Side B

Leroy De Foix – Smudge

It’s My Turn – Godstar

(P) + (C) 1992 Half-A-Cow/Regular Records 1992 (Australia)


Slice Two: A Half-A-Cow compilation 1992











  1. Timebomb: Cable
  2. Daisygrinders: Test Pattern Baby
  3. Snout: Holiday
  4. Mandee: Mustn’t Mean Much
  5. Sidewinder: Last Time
  6. Ice Nine: Holiday
  7. Fudge Puddle: Dive In
  8. Whopping Big Naughty: I Don’t Wanna Die
  9. Starbelly: Mortal Angel
  10. The Hammonds: A.P.R.
  11. Swirl: Burning Castles
  12. Smudge: Tea, Toast and Turmoil
  13. Jupiter: Meltdown
  14. Studley Lush: Fight To Be Free

CD release – Half-A-Cow/Regular/Festival Records HAC CD09/D 24011 1992 (Australia)


Fresh From The Womb (1991)






Side A

Nunbait: Crack in Hel
Crow: The Charlie Horses


Side B
Swirl: Feel
Tumbleweed: Healer (original version)







Recorded for Magnet Promotions in 1991 for a gig with same title


Slice: A Half A Cow compilation (1991)










Swirl’s 1st single – Burning Castles

with Smudge – Tea Toast & Turmoil, Studley Lush and his Teenyboppers from Hell – Fight To Be Free, and Jupiter – Meltdown

Recorded in 1991 at Moonlight Studio
Engineered by John Cobbin
Produced by Swirl

Vinyl release Half A Cow MOO03 1991 (Australia)


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