Thanks to David’s parents for the use of the granny flat which saved us on rehearsal costs! Most bands were using Troy Horse rehearsal rooms in Newtown

back to the US

This image was the first attempt, then I suggested we move hands for interest which became the Touch EP cover shot

Great day having a photo shoot with Tony Mott
A photo from this is in his Photography book from 2016

Photo shoot for Tears Single cover with Stephen Liddell

Can you spot yourself in the crowd at Annandale Hotel?
hint..date is on photo

Fun in the sun on photo shoot with Robyn Murphy

Vale Paddy Engelen – a lovely photographer and human being

Staying at the Dirt Records loft on Ludlow Street, Lower East Side with Angela Strahan, Marc Alghini and their flatmate

CMJ Swirl Under Acme crop


Lou Giordano mixed 6 songs for The Last Unicorn


Half-a-Cow gathering Note: upside down paper and who is holding it!


“Freakin’ Pizza” Gig

NY Half aCow meetup94

New York with Nic Dalton and Mandee Barron from Half A Cow

swirl band pic

Pressing our vinyl EP “People I Know” with William Bowden and Nic Dalton